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As a small business owner, we get calls all the time from people wanting to lend us fast money with really bad terms, and these companies seem to prey on small businesses such as ours who are in need of some assistance with cash flow. Joe Burns and JB Merchant Capital is different. In speaking with Joe personally, I realized I was talking to another small business owner, just like myself, and that made it possible for us to continue talking. Joe found a line of credit with reasonable terms so we could get the funds we needed on terms we could live with, and this opportunity will actually help us get ahead rather than get caught behind a big mountain of debt. Joe and his team are easy to talk to, easy to work with, and when we finally determined the right product for our company, Joe made it easy to draw the funds right into our bank account. With this new relationship and financial product in place, my company’s leadership team feels we have an advocate out there for our financial health, and we are grateful to the JB Merchant Capital team for making it happen.
Review added 46/14/2019

JBMerchant Capital was extremely professional in providing timely and honest service in a recent transaction they facilitated. The competition was only interested in themselves and not in satisfying the needs of the customer.
Review added 4//7/2019

We will continue to use JB Merchant Capital as we evolve
This is the second time we have used JB Merchant Capital to strengthen our business and prepare for opportunities. They were able to provide assistance and move us through process again to get what we needed and make sure we were on our way! We will continue to use JB Merchant Capital as we evolve.

Review Posted 8/23/2018

Overall experience was good.
Joe was fast, easy to work with and got the job done quickly. He was also accommodating to my needs in regards to price which was great.

Review Posted 4/26/2018

Professional and quick
Joe made a daunting process completely painless. He was very professional and helped me every step of the way. Everything was completed very quick and made very easy for me. I would highly recommend Joe and JB Merchant Capital.

Review posted 4/17/2018

First Timer!
Our business was looking at options to expand and JB Merchant Capital and their process was quick and efficient, and even as we informed them we were looking at various potential partners, they were patient and stuck with us and eventually they were the best option for us. We appreciated their availability and Brandon Barber was excellent to work with and we are glad to be working with them.

Review Posted 3/31/2018

Great guys to work with

I had a need for funding to grow my company. We did not have the best of credit scores and a few other hurdles to overcome. Brandon and Joe worked with us and served as our coaches when we were ready to give it up funding. Their quote was “We are in this with you”, and they stayed involved through the entire process. We funded last week and it would not have happened had Brandon and Joe not stayed involved. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to those guys. I look forward to a long relationship with J B Merchant for all my future financial needs

Review added 3/31/2018

Outstanding Service!!

I’ve known the owner for several years now and he is honestly one of the hardest working men I know. Anytime my bank line is close to the limit, I can trust JB to get me up to 70% of my monthly revenue. Simply put: you can trust JB Merchant Capital to close…and close quickly! Thanks JB!

Review added 12/5/2017

Good Job Joe!
We are pleased with how well Joe worked with us. He did everything he could to get us the best rate possible and didn’t push us to make any decisions until we were ready. We look forward to working with you again in the future, thank you.

Review added 11/28/2017

I have worked with Joe for a few years now,the application process is so simple and quick. Every time it gets easier i trust Joe with all my loans he is such a great person to work with. Our company will keep using them for future loans. Thanks Joe for making the process so simple easy and quick.

Review added 12/10/2107

I really don’t know where to begin, Joe has been by far the best person to work with. He really has gone beyond for us, he is really quick in getting everything done. We have worked with him for a few years now and every single time it’s getting easier and faster. Joe thank you so much for all your hard work you are very much appreciated.

Review added 10/12/2017

Quick, Concise & Competent Capital
I have worked with Joe for the past few months while looking for alternative financing. There were several firms with similar funding models that were also quoting on the business. I found Joe to be responsive to my many requests for information. His pricing was competitive and he made process very stress free, especially in comparison to the competition. He gave us several alternatives for repayments and continued to check in and see if we needed more info. In the end, our company owner found an angel investor and we did not need the funding that had been lined up and ready to go. Joe was gracious when he learned that after months of working with us we would be using a different alternative. I intend to use Joe should a need arise in the future – he is personable, professional and fun to work with – all while being competitive with his rates and repayment schedules.
Review added 6/29/2017

JB is one of the best I’ve worked with!
had an excellent experience working with JB Merchant Capital. Joe was quick, helpful and genuinely interested in helping me secure funding. The process was completed in 4 days which is fantastic because I hate wasting time waiting. Not only does he know what he’s talking about, but it’s always a pleasure doing business with someone so positive who genuinely wants to help you succeed. Great job and I would highly recommend this firm!
Review added 6/13/2017

Great Company!
I have worked with JB over the past 2 years. Any company Joe is working with will be a success. Joe is one of the hardest working individuals I know. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients and offers the utmost in personalized & friendly customer service. Highly Recommend !!!
Review added 6/12/2017

Strong recommendation
Joe did a great job providing us with multiple competitive options for our funding needs. He guided us through the process and allowed us to choose the option that best suited our needs at the time. He took the time to understand our needs and timelines and did not waste our time with options that did not meet our requirements. His communication through out the process was great and we always know where we stood and what was going to happen next. The entire process was quick and simple. I will use JB Merchant Capital again and strongly recommend working with Joe. Bob Gedrose President TEC Integration
Review added 6/12/2017

Highly suggest Joe Burns!
Joe is great. He helped me get the money I needed for payroll and other expenses for my business. The paper work was less complicated than I expect. I got my offer, which was exactly what I asked Joe to get, and the money was in my account the day after I signed the contract. I Highly suggest Joe Burns.
Review added 6/7/2017